Eight Reasons to Use Cleaning Information
as Your Calling Card, Instead of Cold Calling

YOUR WEBSITE can be a hub of custom cleaning education for customers and prospects. It can cut your cold-calling time and give your internal and street staffs the tools they need to communicate well and often. You can also bring manufacturer information and videos within your own branding that keeps prospects thinking of concepts you have introduced. This type of in-bound selling brings customers to you and helps you address improving cleaning and budgets without talking about price as soon.

1. Cut into cold calling costs by bringing "in-bound" inquiries to your staff.

Send out cleaning information as hooks to catch prospects already pre-disposed to do business with you. Use your educational concepts to help them solve problems and improve results. Reduce the time spent developing leads by cold-calling methods that have a high cost-to-value ratio. Hubspot reports the average cost of a cold-call generated lead is $376 vs. a cost of "in-bound" generated marketing leads of $135.

2. Multiply the number of prospects and customers your CSR and DSR staffs can engage.

Instead of expanding staff, expand the efficiency of the staff you have. Use links to your website on every call, to embed in emails and to answer customer and prospect questions quickly without reinventing the wheel each time your staff responds. Piles of literature and catalogs being carried can be replaced by material available on your website. 

3. Reduce the importance of price in discussions with prospects.

Talk about more effective ways to reduce costs and improve the cleaning budget than cutting supply costs one more time. Locate qualified prospects who become interested in ways of improving the 95% of their budget that goes into people. On a cold call, the chances of hitting the same target in the window of opportunity are tens if not hundreds to one. Therefore, most cold calling ends up being about price way too early in the sales funnel.

4. Get 15 times more responses using cleaning education presentations than an advertisement on a related new product would bring alone. 

5. Support other departments like repair and customer service with interactivity.

Customers can have access to repair and parts forms to improve communications and repair outcomes while reducing the number of calls required and input from salespersons. 

6. Outdistance your competition in professionalism.

Every salesperson can demonstrate your branding tangibly and immediately by opening his or her laptop and going to your cleaning education site.

7. Climb to the first page of numerous search-engine queries on janitorial topics that fall under your "unique selling propositions." 

8. Training new personnel is easier with your message clearly documented and reinforced throughout your website.

Immerse new hires in your corporate culture.


Where to Start

We provide all the elements you need and the experience to carry your new selling approaches off. We can help you with a new website platform (see our package deal here) and a system that keeps the information flowing. Contact me at rlink@bizzyrobot.com or 785-727-9222.

I guarantee you that you will be surprised how easy it is to get started on the road to a really versatile cleaning industry information-based website. One that will change the way you contact prospects using in-bound marketing techniques.

Click here for information on starting your new adventure.

I have 25 years of experience in marketing and managing in the cleaning industry. I can help your distributorship, manufacturer representative group or building service firm needs with more cleaning industry focus and with faster growth.

                                                                                      - Rick Link