$249 Start-up Package 

Your Start-up Package includes all these items:

  • —Hosting for 60 days. After that, hosting is included in any monthly package
    • Or for just $20 per month on-going
  • —Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • —Up to 3 levels controlling who can see what
  • —All phone contacts to discuss your design
  • —Unique Home Page design, including your final review and all changes
  • —Your first three Blogs
  • —Site Banner and Slideshow
  • —About Us page
  • —Social Media Links
  • —Registration Page (captures new leads) 
  • Contact Page and input form 
  • All submissions go directly to you —Search the Site capability —All site pages searchable 
  • Page Footers
    • Items such as address, copyright, phone, fax, etc.
  •  —Setting up of related Social Media Pages
    • Google+ page
    • Facebook page
    • Twitter page
  • —First 3 Google+ posts, 3 Facebook posts, 3 Twitter tweets
    • about your blogs, library or company 
  • Location Map page
  • —MSDS Page 
    • Plus first 10 MSDS sheets from your PDF or mailed copy
  • —First 3 Stock Photography Images
  • Background Canvas Image 

Stock photography after your first three photos runs between $3 and $9 per photo, and can add impact and professionalism. Using your own quality photos helps solidify your unique branding.


* Your blog/education site can either replace or simply support your existing site. Traffic built up will be directed to your new blog/education site, with email notifications to you. Links to your older site can be included if you retain it. Either way is easy to set up if your existing site provider will insert appropriate links to your cleaning education/blog site.

The only requirement for this special package rate is that JanSanBlogs.com is listed on your links page with a brief description and shown in page footers as site designer. 

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