Color Coding for Health

Color coding is not just important for hospitals and assisted living facilities. How about schools, offices and factories? Is it any less important in those facilities to keep cleaning materials used in restrooms separate from those used in the cafeteria? Of course not!

  1. Contract cleaners can demonstate their ability to clean for health in a highly visual way
  2. School systems can identify the color coding system in posters placed where staff and students can see and support
  3. In factories where turnover in cleaning personel is high, color-coding assists in training
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Revisiting the Much-Maligned Multifold; Eight Reasons They're Still Great

"Doctor, I still like folded towels better than roll towels. Is there something wrong with me?"Here's a quick rundown of eight reasons we think the multifold is more economical in relation to its sometimes harsher, less absorbent cousins - roll towels - than current published materials might indicate. For a more detailed guide to some opinions on this topic, click here for"Doctor, Is it Okay that I Like Multifold Towels?"

1. Roll towels are faster to produce than sheet towels. However that speed requires paper characteristics that sometimes work at odds with their eventual duty, which is to dry hands comfortably. Generally speaking, roll towels are less absorbent and rougher than sheet towels like multifolds.

2. Sheet, folded towels are generally:

  • thicker,
  • better embossed,
  • more absorbent,
  • less likely to "tab" or tear out in small pieces when touched by wet hands
  • and do more work per square inch

3. Roll towels can be made proprietary. Folded sheet towels (like multifolds) generally cannot. Proprietary means the dispenser will only take one manufacturer's refill. So with a proprietary dispenser, your paper costs are designed to pay for that dispenser, often well before the contract is over. Yet you will continue paying higher paper costs than you would with a non-proprietary, or "universal" dispenser.

4. A universal dispenser (either roll or folded towels) should lower your overall cost starting as early as one year, or more likely in 18 months, depending on volume.  

5. Roll towel savings are often based on free savings calculators. The problem with the calculators (vs. real-world case studies) is that wrong assumptions lead to savings that won't materialize. Do your own math, just as you would for any important purchase. 

6. Roll towel dispensing involves mechanics and electronics. The number of systems that can break down or wear are considerable. Sheet towel dispensers have nothing inside but the paper you need. Your start up costs are lower, your maintenance is lower, and the depth of footprint is much shallower.

San Jamar Ultrafold dispenser, also available in compact version for tight spaces.7. 10 key things to remember about modern multifold dispensers: 

  • Multifold towels are dispensed as ready-to-use sheets. They do not remain folded, as many comparisons in favor of roll towels seem to indicate.  
  • Modern designs allow users touch only the towel they need, not the dispenser. No mechanical devices or electronics are needed to do this.
  • Folded towels are cut at the factory by the hundreds at a time. No on-site cutting, or cutting mechanisms to buy in the cost of the dispenser.
  • No batteries required. One less mission-critical system to stop service. One less on-going expense.
  • Capacity on a modern multifold is about 700 towels, just slightly under the most common roll towel capacity.
  • You can top off a modern multifold dispenser in less than a half-minute. There is no replacement window, or waiting for a roll to get small enough to move to a second mechanism.
  • There is no stub-roll waste with a sheet towel dispenser. All the towels are used, one at a time.
  • Multifold dispensers have no extra equipment inside, so they don't stick out very far from the wall.
  • Multifolds dispense towels the approximate size of your hands, which works better than longer strands of paper.
  • Newer dispenser designs eliminate the taking of multiple towels in one grasp.  

8. The main control factor on a roll towel dispenser is on those units that delay users receiving the next towel. A device keeps the mechanism from working, or just the cutting action is slow, and that process keeps users from getting more towels for the interval chosen (or set at the factory). That factor, a delay in dispensing, also happens to be the number one frustration to most users. 

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