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7 Cool Things We Can Help You Achieve On Your Jan/San Distribution or BSC Site

A blog/education website can do a lot of work for your company and your customer service and sales staffs. It is an approach that just keeps getting better as you add to it.  But first, what do I mean by "blog/education" format of website? This is the concept of providing educational information to your prospects and customers via a format that changes and updates at a pace you choose. The blog is a bite-sized to moderate-sized chunk of news, education or commentary with a date and time - a sort of news flash. You establish your expertise in this fashion and set the stage for questions to turn into sales leads.

We get the site rolling and help keep the ball in play, but you choose the direction, speed and tools. It is a fairly simple, and fun process to engage in. It also costs less to start and operate than you are thinking. Our services, based on market knowledge, will get you moving effectively for a lower cost than working with generalists.

Blogs help you interact with customers while creating new ways for search engines to find you. The more information stored on your site, the more new topics added, the more "robot crawls" from the search engines. I guarantee you will find this more effective than any concentrated effort to figure out what the right key words or meta tags for your site should be. This approach provides automatic search-engine optimization.

There is yet another important dimension to the blog/eduction website. That is your ongoing social media linked to your changing blog. We are not talking about the kind of communications your teenagers are sending back and forth on Twitter and Facebook. We are talking about business "blurbs" (on those and other media) that broadcast your message among the audiences in your marketplace that keep you in business.

Here are seven things you can expect from your blog-oriented website:

  • 1 - MORE HITS - As you begin to have a dynamic website, rather than one "at rest," crawlers from the various search engines begin to log your content as they discover it, and as a result, you will receive more hits when people searching on cleaning topics see your articles. The more changes on your site, the more often the robots crawl your site and the higher your rankings. (Generally, new is better as far as search engines are concerned.) We're talking about increasing by three to five times as many hits in a relatively short period of time over a static website. You will be impressed with how you can increase traffic.
  • 2 - MORE ENGAGEMENT - Blogs are designed around current topics, and new presentations of old standards. Your blog can operate independently from your website, or it can take on all the duties of your existing site. The point is that every new blog grows your library of "branded" topics and updates your site contains. You can have a main blog, a special topics blog (like green, ergonomics, restrooms, etc.), and any or all salespersons can have their own blog page. You can mix in standard pages. There are more reasons for customers, prospects and search engines to return to your site and see your message again in a new light.
  • 3 - MORE VALUE - When you begin to provide demonstrations and education on your new format site - in addition to blogs on current topics - you begin to build a training library based on your company's way of approaching cleaning. As customers refer to your site to go over topics with new custodians, for example, you begin to strengthen your bonds with that customer. If you become the "go-to" location for cleaning information, your sales team has something to help keep their leads engaged and to keep themselves energized.
  • 4 - BUILD EXCLUSIVITY - We recommend having a customer membership level on your site. Customers can have access to exclusive materials - guides, training materials, slideshows, and demonstration videos - that are all available on your site. The general public does not have access to those special features.
  • 5 - BUILD EXCITEMENT - Every addition to your site is a reason to "tweet" about it or post to Facebook or other appropriate social links. As more and more people in the cleaning and facility management industry follow social media as a way to keep current via short bursts of information, you can be on their minds more than brands X, Y or Z.
  • 6 - HAVE FUN - Your sales and customer service staffs can have more fun and feel more part of a branded way of approaching the marketplace - particularly if you don't take yourself too seriously. A little bit of humor, a professional but light-hearted approach and a friendly format go a long way toward making people look to your site and your company for relief from the also-ran approach.
  • 7 - IMPROVE COMMUNICATION - When your blog site backs up your company brand messages, everyone benefits. New employees get up to speed faster. Salespersons find it easier to explain your approaches with the backup available to them at their fingertips. Customer service representatives can send out a more uniform message by referencing material on the site, or better yet, linking directly to it in e-mails. Employees from the delivery driver to the service repair person can have access to your message.

Because the blog format continues to develop, it continues to build momentum and followers. Followers among your prospects, your customers and your employees.

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