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Is the Cleaning Industry "All About Price?"

Does it seem as if for several years now at least, it has been "all about price" in the janitorial supply and building service industries?  Even salespersons have become focused on price as the daily drum of lowering costs for customers beats, beats, beats in their ears. There needs to be a new model based on productivity and working smarter and with new ways to find the prospects who are looking for that enlightened approach.

Prospects who know that 95% of a cleaning budget is involved in people costs.* Prospects looking to their cleaning programs as avenues for greener and more health-reinforcing building environments. Prospects who appreciate that there are many factors other than cost-per-case involved in the bottom-line effect of cleaning equipment, supplies and building services. 

If you and I don't believe these kinds of benefits to cleaning and cleaning management exist, then we should eliminate all direct sales today, and immediately post a sign in the window that says, "Cheapest Prices in Town, Limited Time Only."

Did you know that a slideshow on how to vacuum will draw 15 times more responses than an advertisement for a vacuum? Why do you think that is? It may be because while people are interested, sometimes, in new products, they are 15 times more interested right now in solutions to their problems. And one of their biggest problems is performing cleaning better and training their people better, and yes, within a budget.

Both a how-to presentation and a new vacuum ad can draw more and better leads if developed within a framework of consistently out-going information that your site and your salespeople provide. In other words, you can use cleaning information to start conversations on a different wavelength than price. One based on prospects seeking out more information from you, instead of you relying heavily on super-expensive cold-calling. Cold-calling that often doesn't lead to anything, and when it does, usually leads to talking price.

We can help you build a new model from a different type of website that will create momentum for your sales efforts, engage customers with relevant information, and allow you to bring prospects to you based on links to your site you have emailed, included in leave-behinds and communicated through social exchanges. 

This format replaces much gas-eating, time-consuming and flat out inefficient cold-calling. By using information to attract more leads, you don't have to get their attention - they offer their attention. You work with more people pre-disposed to buy from you. You spend less time culling through cold-calls that usually dead-end.

Click here to take advantage of a great start-up package that will elevate your selling abilities in the cleaning industry. Following start-up, we can keep you rolling with consistent and measured outflow of information designed to get leads in-bound for you to work on.

*ISSA information based on a huge cleaning database.

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    JanSanBlogs.com - Jan/San Site Blog - Is the Cleaning Industry "All About Price?"
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    JanSanBlogs.com - Jan/San Site Blog - Is the Cleaning Industry "All About Price?"
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    JanSanBlogs.com - Jan/San Site Blog - Is the Cleaning Industry "All About Price?"
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Reader Comments (4)

thanks for the post. It's pretty informative, as we all need to be educated on the new marketing and advertising techniques. Nowadays, this is a field that changes so dynamically that we all need to catch up with this wind.

As a manufacturer of industrial degreasers, we can tell it is about the cost and how we are going to save our clients money. We have to really get to know our clients and find out ways that not only help their budget, but also allow for them to do their jobs efficiently.

October 3, 2014 | Registered CommenterTim Clarke

Most jan/san industry pricing is based upon volume. Typically, the more you buy the better the prices. Thus many smaller organizations find it difficult to reduce their product cost. Suppliers reserve the best pricing for their larger clients. Although, such preferred pricing yields minimal profit margins, those clients ensure the supplier can continually meet the volume requirements that satisfy their manufacturers. Suppliers strategically counterbalance the minimal profit margins from purchases by a few mega clients with the more substantial profit margins realized from sales to hundreds of smaller clients. Breaking the mold, one janitorial supply industry leader, Intercity Supply, recently launched a program to bundle small organizations into large purchasing groups. Thus, Intercity provides big organization pricing to schools, churches, hotels, restaurants and other small organizations, which purchase similar products. Hopefully this trend will catch on. For more information visit http://icsmro.com.

July 27, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDockwalls

Great article on how people cost is becoming just as important as product cost. Dalco is now offering CleanPlan, a software that will allow users to set up and measure all types of rooms and spaces based on custom or built in dynamic area types. CleanPlan, along with the best jansan products available, gives the user the ability to save both on material costs & people cost!
For more information, check out Dalco - If you would like to place an order online or explore Dalco's online catalog, simply go to our Store Front.

March 1, 2016 | Registered CommenterTed Flavion

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